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As part of this patriarchal, capitalist, classist society, it is my personal aim to reflect on (my own) discriminative behavior, to show solidarity with those affected, to no longer allow oppressors any space, and to take care of my own needs as a BiPOC FLINTA*.

What does the latter mean to mee? It is important for mee to identify my position as an intersectional marginalized person in society but also to not define myself soley with it. Because my existence as BiPOC & FLINTA* is not an expertise on offer, but a part of who I am. I would like to encourage everyone interested in the musical/educational/strategic skills that I offer to keep this in mind when approaching mee.

This may raise discomfort in some (saying this out of experience), but in mee it sparks empowerment. Because my services include a safer space at eye level, where I don't do everything for you, but with you.

Can't wait to inspire and learn from each other! 🥰



‚How do I go viral?’ is a question I hear a lot. A(n) (un)realistic answer often includes 1) an entire paid team behind it or 2) 5 skills combined in 1 person & a 48hr day. A large reach may be the ultimate goal but there is a variety of other goals too that we can focus on together to optimize your social media presence.

My sessions aim to help becoming friends with the ‚almighty algorithm' and to answer questions such as 'How can I implement social media work into my daily life and have fun doing it?‘ or "What do I want?" vs. ""What can I offer?".


 Social Veedia Consulting: defining goals & creating a strategy 

✨ Tiny Hands Support: transforming existing content into social media compliant posts (e.g. graphic slides, captions, stories/reels/TikToks)

✨ Veeautiful Templates: editorial plan incl. checklists & guide/ads budget plan incl. pre-calculated features

Happy to help you find the right offer, this way please 🌷



Vocal Training & Songwriting Workshop

(offline in GER/ENG; currently no private lessons available)

Who are my workshops made for? Short answer: For everyone. More precise answer: For hobby singers who would like to get to know their hobby a little better. Teachers who want to strengthen their voice for daily use. Songwriters who need support in their creative growth. And and and.

In my workshops, we explore methods that can be continued independently to gain self-awareness of how to use your voice or your own creative songwriting skills. In addition to voice training, my educational range covers interpretive as well as groove training and writing exercises. These can be structured for beginners as well as for advanced students.


Vocal Training & Songwriting can be booked individually or in combination. In order to arrange the right offer for you, I will be happy to discuss the planned time frame, the musical level of the participants, the possible budget, and other wishes which I will gladly consider in the concept.

Social Veedia Content Creation Workshop

(online/offline GER/ENG; single sessions available)

Unlike my Social Veedia Consulting Sessions, where we focus on content strategy, this workshop is allllll about content: How do I transform images & videos from my camera roll into TikTok-ish content? Where do I get that cool font I see on other accounts? What app can I use to improve my video editing? How do I even edit a video?! 

Together we will take a look at the craft 'content creation' and check out tools as well as hacks to make your workflow more efficient & fun and create the look you want for your socials.

If needed, I'm happy to include a Q&A at the end of the workshop to give input on general social media questions you may have. For follow ups, you can book an online Social Veedia Consulting session individually.

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Note: Knowledge is a privilege, which is why I would like to share my knowledge as barrier-free and accessible for everyone as possible.

I would therefore like to invite those who work non-profitabel to approach mee without hesitation with their ideas and possible budget. Don’t worry, vee happy 🌈



Are you an event organizer looking for a music act where people can chill out but also dance? Are you a producer with the nicest beat on earth waiting to be released but it's still missing a voice? Are you getting married and want to be serenaded at the ceremony with your couple's song? Or at the reception with some Beyonce bangers by a band?

I might be able to help with that 🤝


✨ Concert with my solo project veenus: Pop with a touch of R&B

Songwriting: toplining & cowriting
Wedding singer: solo/duo (guitar/piano)
✨ Lead singer with band Dazed Intuition: simple & fast setup but full sound covering songs for events like company parties/award ceremonies/school balls/and more

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💫 Upcoming release of 6-Track-EP with 2 single releases
💫 Festival live shows: Rocken am Brocken, SNNTG Festival, Hip Hop Healer Festival (more shows tba on Instagram)


💫 Debut as solo artist veenus: 3 single releases

💫 Funding of Initiative Musik
💫 Pop-Kultur Berlin Young Talent Program

💫 New member of the Podcast "The Asian Diasporic Talk"

by korientation


💫 Residency by Musicboard Berlin at PACT Zollverein Essen

💫 ChariVee Concert: launch of fundraising concert series for people affected by racist, right-wing & anti-Semitic violence
💫 Admission into the program "Pathwaves" for FLINTA* musicians